Frequently Asked Questions

My click clock has started flashing and beeping; keeps resetting itself and digits are missing. Is there something wrong with my clock?

This is not a fault. We designed all our click clocks to flash and beep to indicate low power as there wasn't an option to put a low battery sign in. As long as you replace the batteries, this problem will be solved. Meanwhile, we usually advise our customers to replace the batteries as soon as possible when they notice that display of the cube click clock is faint.

My rechargeable click clock won't turn on. How do I get it to turn on? 

Most of our click clocks that are rechargeable come fully charged but sometimes due to transportation the clock gets turned on by accident and drains the battery. If this is the case please plug the adapter and lead into the clock and recharge it. You will need to press and hold the power button after it is fully recharged. If it still doesn't turn on please press and hold the power button for longer or until you see LEDs light up on the front face.

How do I know my rechargeable click clock is charging as it should?

A red light on the back of the clock next to the charging port will light up red to indicate that the battery is charging. A green light will appear in replace of this when the battery is fully charged.

How do I access my alarm?

Please refer to the product manual on how to access the alarm settings. On our cube and most of our products, to access the alarm press down once.

How do I cancel my alarms?

Please refer to the product manual on how to access the alarm settings. On our cube and most of our products, to cancel the alarm press down or - and set and repeat. If you have multiple alarms set you will need to press down and set multiple times until you reach the end of the alarm settings. A cancelled alarm should look like --:A1 and not 0:00.

The clock only displays time and I cannot access the date settings?

If you want the clock to display time, date and temperature press and hold the V/S button. Only when the clock displays time, date and temperature can you input the settings for the date. This is usually the case for our cube click clock. 

The clock displays only time, date and temperature?

If you want just the time, press and hold the V/S button.

How do I switch the the date format?

You can switch the date display format between EU (dd/mm) format and US (mm/dd) format by pressing and holding the UP button for  while the clock is in a normal display mode. The clock will beep once to register the change. 

The click clocks can be set in sound activated display or permanent display, what does that mean?

Sound activated display means you can set the clock display to go off when it’s quiet. The clock will look like a block of wood, but will light up again when it registers a short sharp sound, like clicking your fingers, tapping on your beside table or clapping your hands. However, some people like the clock display to stay on all the time without going off, which can also be done.

How do I listen to the radio on my Radio Click Clock? 

Press and hold the aluminium button on top of the Radio click clock to turn it on/off. If it doesn't turn on please press and hold down for longer. If you're still experiencing difficulties the battery may be low and may need more power to turn the radio on, if this is the case please power the clock with the adapter and lead provided. 

How can I set my click clock in sound activated display or permanent display?

Just press the V/S button when the clock in normal display, and you will see “o :Sd” or “- - :Sd” on display. When it’s displaying “on:Sd”, it means the clock has been set in sound activated display; when it’s displaying “- - : Sd”, it means the clock has been set in permanent display.

I think the LED display is too bright when I set my click clock in permanent display, how do I dim it?

All the new version click clocks come with automatic dimmer, so it will automatically dim 2/3 between 9pm and 7am (bedtime), which has been programmed in and cannot be changed.  

Can I use batteries and a plug/USB adaptor to power my cube click clock at the same time?

We don’t advise this, as this could gradually damage the clock.

I have one of your cube click clocks, and it’s being powered by batteries. How long will the batteries last if in sound activated display? And what about in permanent display?

It depends on what batteries you use. If you use good quality batteries, it usually lasts up to 6 months if in sound activated display when it has been used as your daily alarm clock, and up to 7 days if in permanent display. However, we don’t advise you to set the clock in permanent display when the clock is powered by batteries.

Why does the cube click clock come with a USB adapter? What is that for? Can I use it to charge my cube clock?

Unfortunately, you can’t use the USB adapter to charge the clock and the cube click clock is not rechargeable. The USB adapter is used for connecting to the other end of a plug with USB connection. So when you want to plug the clock by mains rather than use batteries, you can us this USB adapter. However, please make sure the output of  your USB plug is no more than 5V otherwise it may damage the clock.

Why isn't my Cube click clock or Gravity Cube click clock rechargeable? 

The cube ranges were designed to be light and compact and therefore we couldn't put internal lithium rechargeable batteries. We have included an option to plug your cubes into the mains for permanent power saving you battery costs. If you want a portable click clock and you don't want to use batteries please see our rechargeable ranges such as Bricks, Slabs, Maxi and Radio click clocks. 

Does the click clock have an snooze function?

Yes, for all our new version click clocks, including the Music Click Clock and Click Clock Lamp, they all come with snooze function. Plus, you can set 5 or 7 days alarm.

I don’t know how to turn off the alarm when it goes off. What should I do?

You just need to press any button on the back once, (apart from the RESET- button on the right), and the alarm will snooze. Press any button twice and your alarm will stop (if your click clock is the latest version).

How do I set my alarm?

Please read the instruction manual for detailed information on this. If you can’t find your instruction manual, it can be downloaded off our website on the support page. Please click here to be redirected to the support page.

Is there any difference between the cube click clocks and brick/slab click clocks?

Yes, the size is different. The Cube range only come with a USB lead but our Gravity ranges and other clocks come with a mains plug/adapter and a USB lead. The Cube and Gravity ranges are battery operated or powered by mains only. However, from April of 2014, all the brick and slab click clocks will be available in a rechargeable version, so they can be portable and wire-free with in-built rechargeable lithium battery. 

Are the click clocks made of real wood?

All the click clocks are not made of real wood, but they’re all made from handmade timber boxes with plastic wood-effect veneer finish. However, our music click clocks are made of real wood finish.  

I bought one of your Music Click Clocks, and I love it ! However, when I tried to play music via the AUX connection, it seems the sound quality is not as good as when it’s playing via Bluetooth. Why is that?

In that case, please make sure that you have turned on the Bluetooth as well. Becausethe Bluetooth button “MODE” is not just for turning on the Bluetooth device of the clock, it's also used for turning on the 2 subwoofers in the clock.

Is there any Warranty for your products?

Yes, all our products come with one year warranty. If there is any fault with your product. To claim on the Warranty we must see a valid proof of purchase with the date of purchase. 

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