USB Lead and Adapter (Power Supply for Cube, Brick, Slab, Wall and Message Clocks)

  • £500

What will you get?

1 x USB lead and 1 x mains adapter OR 1 x USB lead only (depends on your choice)

Product Information:

This connects your Cube or Gravity click clock to a mains socket if you don't want to power it by batteries. This also connects to a Message click clock. 

You may also connect and recharge your Brick, Slab, Radio, Maxi and Wall click clocks. 

Which items can they be used with?

These adapters can be used with all of our Cube, Brick, Slab, Maxi, Cube, Message and Wall click clocks. 

What are they for?

All clocks already come with an appropriate connection lead, recharge lead and/or battery facilities. This adapter can be purchased and used as an alternative power supply via the mains. An adapter can also be purchased if you are travelling to another country and need a way of powering your clock!

Estimated Delivery Time:

U.K. mainland orders will be delivered in 2 working days.
Orders for European destinations will be delivered within 5-7 working days.
Orders for non-European destinations will be delivered within 12-14 working days.

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