KN95 Face Mask / FFP2 Face Mask

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The KN95 Respirator Mask is a face mask that provides protection from flu-virus, chemicals, dust and particles from metal smelting and processing manufacturing, as well as other airborne harmful substances. The mask fits snugly around the face to prevent particles and harmful substances entering your nose and mouth. KN95 face masks are designed to filter out a minimum of 95% of particles. 

The KN95 face mask is equivalent to the FFP2 face mask. It provides 4-Layers of protection and it's designed to offer much more protection than standard disposable 3-Ply surgical masks.

Each KN95 Face Mask is individually packed as per the picture and the cost price is per each piece. If you need to buy more than one, just change the number at the check out. 10 pieces are packed in a box as per the 4th picture. 

What is the KN95 Face Mask used for?

KN95 can be used to prevent harmful substances entering the respiratory system through the nose and mouth. This can be required in a number of circumstances including:

  • On construction sites to protect against dust and other particles
  • In agriculture to protect from dust, vapours, fumes and mould spores
  • In healthcare to protect from germs and infection
  • Personal use to prevent spread of infection from yourself and for protection from other people’s germs
  • 4-PLY NON-WOVEN: 4-Layers of protection include a Non-Woven Inner Layer, Meltblown Filter, Hot Air Cotton Filter, and Non-Woven Outer Shell.
  • FORM FITTING: The flexible nose guard is designed to provide a custom fit to ensure a soft and comfortable fit to reduce skin irritation while the stretchable braided ear bands ensure comfort over long periods of wear time.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: The vertical folding design and overall lightweight structure make this mask easy to store and carry.
  • PROVIDES MORE PROTECTION: The KN95 is a disposable and breathable mask designed to offer more protection than standard disposable 3-Ply masks.

What other preventative measures can you take to prevent spreading germs and infection?

Using a mask is just one preventative measure you can take to protect yourself from respiratory pathogens, dust and harmful airborne substances. However it is recommended to not rely on masks alone to provide an adequate level of protection. Here are a few more steps you can use, along with the use of safety masks to protect yourself from harmful substances in the environment:

  • Perform hand hygiene frequently, using soap and water (where possible) or an alcohol-based hand rub
  • Try not to touch your face, especially your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands
  • Cover nose and mouth with a bent elbow or paper tissue when coughing or sneezing and dispose of tissue immediately after use
  • Keep surfaces clean and disinfected

NOTE: Gingko only sells this product to help the public to stop the spread of the Covid-19 and any profits made from this product will be used to buy more KN95 Face Mask and donate to the communities to fight the Covid-19. So far, we have donated more than 3000 face masks to the local communities in Warwickshire, UK. 


!!! Stay Safe, Everyone !!!

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